hello, i’m e.j.

i’m transgender, nonbinary, queer, and my pronouns are they/them/theirs. there are various other identities and labels which might prove useful in understanding both my lived experiences, as well as the ways in which i interact with the world. some of these are: bereaved, pansexual, intersectional feminist, and anti-racist; more on these later.

this will be a place for me to (irregularly) share my thoughts, learnings, projects, and other miscellanea… please note that i tend to not use capitalization.


i design, build, and automate scalable, reliable, and secure (network) infrastructure. please see my linkedin for specifics.


i ride bikes (road, cyclocross), rollerskate, take pictures, read, make and consume copious amounts of coffee and gelato, play with tech, am constantly teaching myself/learning something, and sometimes i write about it.

all views expressed are my own; any and all art/artwork is copyright its respective owner (myself if not otherwise noted).